Introducing BookFish

A cross platform app for lending, exchanging, buying and selling of books around you. Discover new books and genres, start a conversation with fellow readers and expand your horizons through the power of literature.

Bringing back the joy of book lending, for the new age.

Built to promote the act of reading. BookFish is more than just a marketplace for books, we also aim to create our own community of local book readers here on BookFish.



Project Began

April, 2021

A Great Decline

The current age overwhelms us with so much information that we are slowly losing sight of what may be good for us. Reading literature, once considered a tool of vast importance that sharpens the mind granting greater intelect is now being replaced by quick reads, summaries and briefs that cater to a fast life that lacks patience of mind.

In an age where thinking minds are in exceedingly short supply, we intend to do our part in promoting physical literature from being swept to the sidelines.

Our Approach

BookFish lets you create your own book shelf where books you own can be displayed on offer. Send and receive offers on books, chat with other users and come to a decision in a process that is streamlined and seamless from beginning to end.

Send & receive offers

BookFish lets people seamlessly exchange literature.

The Future

There still remains a lot of exciting new features and functionalities we are looking to implement into BookFish, here are some key points one can look forward to:

The Forums

A place for the BookFish community to gather around, sharing their love for all things literature...

Swipe Mode

A system designed to help users discover books in a far more personalised way, by matching users with similar tastes with each other.

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