Introducing Runmate

A fitness app which lets you run with others no matter the distance. Send challenges to friends, family or total strangers and run together once they accept the call to action!

To set in motion, a new trend in physical fitness.

Runmate intends to encourage people to keep fit by creating a movement of collective running and exercise. Challenges, invites, groups and wins are all part of the game here.



Project Began

August, 2021

Our Modern Lifestyle

The urban life has made healthy living a challenge of it's own. People in general are less physically active than the generation that came before it. Our platform actively encourages people to stay fit through the power of 'together'.

We believe that collective efforts accelerate self growth and helps everyone in return. Instilling a sense of healthy competition is a part of this growth and our approach to Runmate reflects such a feeling.

Our Approach

Built on the Flutter platform, Runmate is designed to enable users to seamlessly challenge others for a run, compete with others, make friends and share achievements.

Run with Others

Runmate's aims to inspire fitness through a sense of competition and social running.

The Future

There still remains a lot of exciting new features and functionalities we are looking to implement into Runmate, here are some key points one can look forward to:

Group Runs

When you're looking to run with multiple users at a time.

More Activities

All the features of Runmate, but for activities other than just running.


Meditation, yoga and much more coming soon...

Shared Ecosytem

We also hope to integrate Runmate with our upcoming health tracker app, stay tuned for more info.

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